DigiByte Domains


A DigiByte domain replaces an address when sending funds or DigiAssets.

  1. Ask the user to type a DigiByte address or a DigiByte Domain in the sender textbox of the wallet.
  2. Test the textbox content against this RegEx /^(?!-)[A-Za-z0-9-]{3,64}(?<!-)\.dgb$/. If it matches, the text is a DigiByte Domain.
  3. Query the DigiAsset data (personal record or stored in DigiAssetX AWS) the DigiByte Domain DNS DigiAsset with this AssetID Ua7Bd7UVtrzavSHhpHxHZ2nzS2hGaHXRMT9sqy
  4. Query the last metadata available for the DNS asset in a IPFS node or endpoint.
  5. Search the DNS field of the metadata object for the domain and find which AssetID represent that name.
  6. Query once again in the DigiAsset data for the AssetID found and find the unique holder.
  7. Use that address as a recepient of the transaction.

We provide a free AWS signature service to query Domains DigiAsset metadata. Make a GET request to https://digibytedomains.com/api/aws/{AssetID} and it will return a signed AWS url to download the DigiAsset data.

A JavaScript client-side library to convert a DigiByte Domain to an address is provided, but we highly encourage to implement this process in the backend of your project and consult your own trusted sources for DigiAssets and IPFS data.