DigiByte Domains


What is a DigiByte domain?

A DigiByte domain is a name that references an address. It's powered by DigiAssets and the domain is the asset. For example, you can send some DigiByte or DigiAssets to 'domain.dgb' and it will arrive at the address that holds the domain.

How do I use my domain?

Your domain is for others to remember your address easily. If a wallet supports DigiByte Domains, you only need to type the domain in the destination field. The wallet will query the DNS asset to get the correct wallet and send the funds.

Do you need help registering NFT domains?

If you have any questions about the registration process or require technical assistance, our team is available at any time to give you a very patient hand. Please, contact us via Telegram.

Be sure your wallet is DigiAsset v3 compatible

DigiByte Domains use DigiAssets to tag wallets. If you send your domain to a non supported wallet, it may result in the burn and total loss of the asset. Please use a compatible wallet, such as DigiAssetX .

Implement DigiByte Domains

The process of converting a DigiByte domain into a DigiByte address relies on querying the DNS Asset and identifying which DigiAsset represent the desired domain. Then, look up which address is currently holding that asset. Get more information here.

Renewals and royalties

Once you buy a domain it is yours forever, you don't need to pay for the renewal of the name and you are free to burn your domain anytime you like. However, to transfer a domain to a new address there is a $ 2.5 fee.